International Sales Coaching Practicioner

Learn the techniques and tools to boost your Business via the first dedicated Master in Europe

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Next Masters Course Edition starting the 4th of February 2022

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 The principal Coaching Associations to which our Coaches are associated and of which they respect the ethic code are: 

Who is the course aimed at? 

The Master is designed to those that want to start the profession of Coaching in internationally focused businesses and organizations and covers roles such as:

  • Sales Manager
  • Purchasing Manager
  • Export Manager
  • Export Sales Director
  • International Business Manager
  • Businesswoman and Businessman
  • HR Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Import-export office personnel
  • Corporate Consultants
  • Temporary Export Manager 
  • Business Consultants
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The method used is learning by doing and cooperative learning 

Each participant will be included in a group of 3 peers for your continuous training and skills development during each session and module. 

18 hours of distance learning

via the Zoom platform in synchronous mode

21 hours in-house attendance

of which part will be outdoors

12 hours of independent training

essential for passing the final exam

8 hours of laboratory (compulsory)

of peer to peer Coaching

Mandatory attendance

at least 80% of the hourly amount

Sessions recorded

available till the end of the Master

The master is open to everyone but has a closed number 

(min. 5 max. 10 people every presentation)

Periodic Evaluations

through the online  evaluation questionnaire, with open and multiple choice questions. The test will be evaluated with a numeric score from 1 to 5 

Live Sales session trial

from each participant with feedback from the Coaches and the other peers to reinforce continuous learning. The test will be evaluated with a numeric evaluation from 1 to 5.

Final test

consists in an evaluation questionnaire with open questions and a project wirh peers of Group Coaching in a 45 minitues sale session. 

As for the periodic evaluation, the final test will be evaluated numerically.

The final evaluation is made up from the weighted average of the single tests and the final on site test.


Download the complete program and lessons' calendar

Resources and tools for the masters course

50 hours

Of high level experiential trainin


Teaching Material

Published on the Academy and available to participants till the end of the Master

Recording of the course 

Available to participants till the end of the Master

Coach Handbook for International Business

With all the practical steps of Coaching, tools and worksheets to continue the work independently 

Free access to our video-courses 

Available on the Academy for the duration of the masters

Group Coaching sessions for international Business  

Free access to CDP for the duration of the masters 

Case History and testimonies 

Of entrepreneurs, Export Managers and Global Sales Directors of internationally successful companies

One personal tutor 

For clarification and as a point of contact


For any questions and technical information


  • Assessment & ammission interview: December 2021
  • Kick off - Start up: February 4th 2022
  • In-house Weekend: 1st to 3rd April 2022
  • Final exam: 2nd & 3rd April 2022

Total 50 hours

Self-training takes about 12 hours and is essential for passing the final exam (the hours are calculated on the basis of an average commitment and may vary depending on the commitment and learning ability of each participant).

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Lucilla Rizzini

28 years of international business experience as Export Manager, Key Account Manager, Marketing Manager & Global Sales Director

Business and Team Coach AICP and ICF

Professional Certified Coach PCC ICF

Intercultural communication expert for international business

Export Coach & Consultant

Professor of internationalization in new markets at the Master of the CIS/ University of Verona

Scientific Director of the Master in Coaching for International Business


Elisabetta Russo

Over 20 years of international business experience as Export Developer, Export Manager & Temporary Export Manager

Business Coach & Trainer in internationalization courses with focus on organizational well-being

Business & Team Coach AICP and ACOI

Sonia Casalicchio

Business & Team Coach in companies such as TLC, Internet Company and Digital Media Agency, Trainer specialized in Digital Communication

Consultant in digital business communication and digital transformation processes

Former Member of the Board of Directors of AICP (Italian Association of Coach Professionals)

Currently Member of the AICP Ethics Committee



Laura Busecchian

Professional Coach



Daniela Rizzini





All our teachers strongly believe in Life Long Learning. 

To achieve great success it is essential to invest in   yourself and that is why continuing training is a must for every member of  our team and is our guiding value. 


International Sales Coaching Practicioner (ISCP)

€2.370 + VAT

For those who have attended the Coaching Foundations Course the fee is €1,870 + VAT

  • Coaching Practicioner Course  
  • 5 Modules
  • Duration: 50 hours
  • Recordings of lessons 
  • Support of  tutors during the  course 
  • Free lecture notes to complete the self-training module 

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  • Le registrazioni caricate sulla piattaforma Ellecubica per evitare ping-pong di email o apertura di gruppi social in cui non tutti hanno il piacere di essere inseriti
  • Il metodo didattico innovativo altamente esperienziale 
  • L'aspetto pratico del per-corso per mettere a terra da subito le competenze
  • L'utilizzo costante della lingua inglese
  • I contenuti con focus internazionale
  • I lavori di gruppo con un gruppo di pari dello stesso livello

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What do the participants of our master say 

Maura Donati

Sales & Marketing Manager @DONATI S.p.a.

I got to know Ellecubica in 2018 and attended many of their courses: from effective phone call for export, effective complaint    management to powerful performance booster. When I signed up I knew it would be an enrichment, but I did  not expect to find  inspiration and concrete tools to improve the business abroad. I highly recommend to  anyone who works in the international enviroment  to participate to the Master In Coaching for International Business.

Adriano Ioli

Commercial Director @San Faustino Label Srl

I met Lucilla four years ago and at that exact moment the spark of admiration  was lit. I followed and made follow to all the staff three different courses, and we will continue to work with the professionals of Ellecubica because, more than others, they  make us feel at ease, support us and guide us towards growth. Lucilla, as director of the Master, deserves all my  sincere admiration    because she is a highly  trained professional,  very positive and above all very, very  correct. 

Giovanni Pasqua

Global Sales Director @Planichem Srl

For years I have been    following all the courses  that the Ellecubica Team  offers, as I find them valid,  effective and    contextualized for those  who, like me, work in the international enviroment.  The Master in Coaching for the International Business offers incredible  opportunities for personal and professional growth and opens new windows on the world: I discovered how the Coach Approach can boost international sales. I highly recommend    participation in this Master. 

Marcela Schiaffini

International Sales Representative @LED Spa

Ellecubica is a guarantee  for the training of those who, like me, work in the international enviroment.  Up to date, alongside those who want to learn  more. There is no    university, school, business school that holds.    Very happy to have  "run into" Lucilla and her Team. Getting  attached to you is    automatic: the Master really changed my life.  Fantastic! 

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